For our Furever Friends

A very special update!

“Cinnamon is doing SO WELL. He’s very cuddly and affectionate. We renamed him Captain, and he took to it straight away. He’s a natural at fetch and we’re working on basic things like “drop it” (he really likes to play tug of war). We play at the park across the street 3X a day and he carries his ball home after each session. He has a lot of energy and runs circles around the other dogs when we go to the dog park. 

He’s become friends with Zero, our boy cat, and really wants Nikita to like him, but she’s not having it (TBH, she barely tolerates Zero). Captain still doesn’t want to go into the yard to pee by himself, so one of us goes out to watch him. I suppose 5 months of being walked on a leash for every bathroom break might do that. 

I’m still surprised he wasn’t adopted sooner, but he’s the perfect addition to our family!”

An Exclusive Discount For You

Get your foursome together and join us at the beautiful Fox Hill Golf Club for our second annual tournament We had such a blast last year we decided to do it again: sunny day with friends, craft beers and cocktails, mini games, and awesome prizes! Proceeds benefit Longmont Humane Society, with special emphasis on funding our nationally known Training and Behavior Modification Department, which is how we can celebrate a 97% live return rate of pets who come to us from places that have given up on them.

Individuals welcome and will be placed on a team too! As a thank you for your continued support of our work, we are offering a discount code! Use code EARLYBIRDIE for $10 off an individual donation or code EARLYBIRDIES for $40 off of a team registration.

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