Adopt a Barn Cat

Fetching furry friends...

This program finds homes for cats who may prefer living in a barn or other outbuilding rather than a home environment.

We are looking for cat lovers who have a barn or other secure outdoor structure who are interested in adopting cats that are not suitable for indoor pet placement. Cat temperaments range from semi-feral to very friendly.

For our Barn Cat candidates, we provide:

  • spay/neuter
  • first set of distemper shots
  • worming
  • general exam
  • rabies vaccination
  • FeLV/FIV testing
  • microchipping

We ask that you provide:

  • nutritious food
  • water
  • future veterinary care when needed
  • a permanent protected place to live

This program is designed for cats who fit in two categories:

  1. Cats who are accustomed to living outside the home without much attention from humans. These cats still rely on their owners to provide them with a full bowl of kibble each day and fresh water. Many times, the frightened cat that we see in a shelter environment, can learn to trust his people and warm up enjoying petting and companionship with people but they are likely to be fearful initially and need time to become accustomed to their new environment.
  2. Social cats recommended for the Barn Cat Program are cats who have shown a history of not acclimating to home, such as inconsistent litterbox use, but are friendly and social with people and generally very much enjoy time and touch from humans.

Both groups of cats require a safe barn or other outbuilding with protection from the cold weather and predators.  Declawed cats will need a secure outbuilding, such as a workshop, with no access to the outside.

Most cats prefer another cat companion.  To facilitate this, Longmont Humane Society offers discounted adoption fees when adopting two Barn Cats together.

To help your new Barn Cat acclimate to his/her new surroundings, we encourage you to plan to keep him isolated in a small area within your outbuilding initially, with no access to the outdoors. Later you can give him full access to the outbuilding but still no outdoor time and later still, given access to the indoors and outdoors. (Unless, of course, he is declawed in which case he should never have outside time.) Taking the time for this acclimation will increase the likelihood that your friend will call your place home and not venture off on his own. We will be glad to go over these details with you.

Please pick up an application/program specifics form for this program at the shelter or you may download the information Barn/Feral Cat Adoption Form

For details about how to acclimate a barn cat to your home, click here.

These cats are available at a greatly reduced adoption fee – please contact the Client Care Team for more information at (303) 772-1232.