Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is important to our success in animal welfare. View a current Board of Directors roster here.

Dr. Lou Cavallo
Cavallo Chiropractic
Joined Board 2015, current term ends 9/2021.
“What inspires me about LHS and motivates me as a board member is that in times of crisis or when there is a need we are able to provide food, shelter, safety and healthcare to thousands of animals in our community. We don’t turn anyone away.”

Martha Risk
Markit Digital
Joined Board 2020, current term ends 12/2022
“I’ve been volunteering at the Longmont Humane Society since 2014 and I’ve always been impressed with the level of care that goes into helping so many animals in need. This place is a staple in our community and I’m honored to be able to support their mission. My hope is that I can continue volunteering for years to come, and eventually give a lucky pup their forever home!”

Vonda Modlin
Boulder CPA Group
Joined Board 2020, current term ends 12/2022
“I was impressed from my very first Homeward Bound “behind the scenes” visit at the well pet clinic seven years ago and I continue to be impressed with the dedicated staff and their never ending work for our Longmont fur babies!  I’m excited to be a part of the LHS Board so I can continue my community outreach in a more meaningful way, so that all of us can continue to support the loving animals that are very important to all of our lives.”

Brenda Baril
Arbonne International
Joined Board 2021, current term ends 12/2023
“I have been a volunteer at LHS since 2019. What inspired me to be a board member is the care that I see given to these animals day in and day out by the amazing staff and volunteers. We are fortunate to have an amazing facility and resources to help these animals in times of need!”

Darlene Coker
The Organic Learning Company
Joined Board 2021, current term ends 12/2023
I have volunteered at Humane Societies around the country and I believe Longmont to be the best I’ve experienced. As a Board of Directors member, I am delighted to be able to contribute my professional skills toward continuing to fulfill our mission to care, serve, educate and improve the lives of companion animals.” 

Sarah Danzl
Joined Board 2021, current term ends 2023
“I have long felt there are few things better than the unconditional love of animals. There is so much we can learn from their resilience so anything that I can do to support their wellbeing is top of mind for me. Being on the Board of Directors is one small way I can try and honor them as well as support the wonderful staff of LHS in delivering on their needs and goals.”

Teresa MacPhail
Mac’s Place
Joined Board 2020. current term ends 12/2022
I became a client of the Longmont Humane Society in 1997 when I adopted the first of what would eventually be four cats. In 2012, I was happy to join other local businesses in working to raise money to support the work of this important organization. Eventually I felt that while adopting and donating were wonderful ways to support Longmont Humane Society, I wanted to do more to help secure its future in our community. I am pleased to now be contributing my time and experience as a member of the Board of Directors.

Paul M. Meese
Retired Human Resource Director
Joined Board 2021, current term ends 2023
The Longmont Humane Society won my heart by how they stepped up during the flood in 2013. They have shown time and time again what a true asset they are to the community. With my 15 years raising puppies to be guide and assist dogs, I know what a positive influence animals can be in your life and am thrilled to think I can assist LHS meet their goals. I feel privileged and honored to sit on this board.

Kim Messina
Premium Financial Solutions
Joined Board 2020, current term ends 12/2022
“Throughout the years, I’ve watched the Longmont Humane Society overcome enormous challenges and recover from heartbreaking tragedies. They have continued to grow and offer new and improved programs and services, while keeping the best interest of the animals, and their fiscal responsibility as a nonprofit, at the forefront of their efforts. Their commitment to both the animals and the residents of this community is outstanding.  As a Longmont native, and the mama to many fur babies, I’m proud to be a small part of this organization and I’m happy to lend my service to their continued success.”

Dave Scarola
TAB Boards International, Inc.
Joined Board 2018, current term ends 12/2021.
“I first joined LHS as a volunteer nearly 10 years ago since it allowed me and my young daughters to work with the animals directly. After seeing the wonderful work of the great staff at LHS, I decided to get involved in a more significant way by joining the board.”

Daniel Webb
Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company
Joined Board 2018, current term ends 12/2021.
“The Longmont Humane Society has impacted the lives of countless animals in our community and in turn the people who love them.  Being on the board of directors allows me to play a small role in that incredible impact and ensure it continues for many years to come.”