Foster Program

About Foster Care at Longmont Humane Society
Longmont Humane Society’s foster program serves hundreds of animals each year. Many volunteers find fostering to be an especially satisfying way to help animals in need. Fostering provides participants the opportunity to increase their understanding of animal health and behavioral needs while allowing them to see direct impact their care has on the life of a vulnerable animal. In addition, fostering earns volunteers the heartfelt gratitude of the shelter staff and animals alike!

Animals sent to foster homes come from special circumstances. They may need medical care, additional socialization and handling, or just a place to grow up healthy and strong. These especially vulnerable pets need a safe home environment until they’re ready for adoption. Our foster care volunteers are responsible for saving the lives of hundreds of shelter animals each year by caring for them temporarily in their homes.

What types of animals need foster care?

Link to Common Foster Scenarios
As a foster volunteer, you select the type of foster care you can provide. If you can only foster one animal per year, that’s one more life saved!

How Do I Become A Foster Volunteer?

Questions about foster care? Please email or call 303.772.1232 ext. 234

Current Foster Care Volunteer Resources