Humane Education Programs

Our Humane Education initiative is all about nurturing knowledge and inspiring compassion in our community. Our presentations can be individually tailored for schools, local libraries, community youth groups, adult organizations, and scouting troops. The LHS C.A.R.E.S. program seeks to provide our community with the support and resources they need in their relationships with their critter companions while encouraging a sense of responsibility to advocate for the welfare of all animals.

Presentations are offered free of charge as our gift to the community. Donations are always welcomed to help us support our mission of caring, serving, and educating to improve the lives of companion animals.

If you are interested in booking one of our presentations, please fill out the contact form below or reach out to our Humane Education Coordinator, Coral Amayi, at

Pre-K to 2nd grade

Storytellers visit to share heartwarming tales that promote empathy and compassion towards our furry companions. Follow the journey of a lost cat, emphasizing kindness and responsible cat care. Explore the story of a shelter puppy and an older dog, educating kids about the needs of dogs and instilling the value of humane treatment towards animals. Join us in these enchanting stories that not only captivate but also impart valuable lessons on compassion and responsible pet ownership.

Supports Colorado Academic Standards

RW.P.2.1- Children understand and obtain meaning from stories and information from books and other tests.

SC.1.2.2 Young organisms are very much, but not exactly, like their parents, and also resemble other organisms of the same kind

RW.K.2.1- Develop and apply the concepts of print and comprehension of literary texts.

RW.2.1.1 -Engage in dialogue and learn new information through active listening.

Pre-K to 5th Grade

Our TAILS program focuses on teaching children to understand animal emotions and behaviors through interactive learning. Kids learn how to interpret cats’ chat and the dialogue of dogs by mastering body language to prevent dog bites to equip children with the skills for safe interactions with animals. We prioritize holistic education to ensure a deeper connection between kids and our furry friends. Join us for a unique experience that goes beyond language barriers, fostering a lifelong love and respect for animals. With interactive learning and the option of meeting our TAILS ambassadors, we provide a memorable and educational experience for children of all ages.

Supports Colorado Academic Standards:
  • CH. CH.K.4.1 –  Identify the importance of respecting the personal space and boundaries of self and others
  • CH. Demonstrate strategies to avoid hazards in the home and community.
  • SC.1.2.1- All organisms have external parts that they use to perform daily functions
  • CH.3.4.2 Describe pro-social behaviors and skills that enhance healthy interactions with others.
  • CH.3.4.3 Identify ways to prevent injuries at home, in school, and in the community.
  • CH.5.4.3: Demonstrate basic first aid and safety procedures.

Pre-K to 5th Grade

Children will learn the basics of caring for some common types of pets: dogs, cats, small mammals, and fish. They will learn about each animal’s feeding, exercise, housing, social, grooming, and veterinary needs. Taught as a fun interactive jeopardy game with game buzzers and prizes.

Supports Colorado Academic Standards:
  • SC.3.2.1- Organisms have unique and diverse life cycles.
  • CH. Comprehend concepts and identify strategies to prevent the transmission of disease
  • CH.5.4.3: Demonstrate basic first aid and safety procedures.

6th -12th grades

An exciting course designed for youth passionate about pursuing careers with animals. This program explores the diverse job opportunities available, both working directly with animals and in various capacities that contribute to their welfare. Youth will delve into the specifics of each role, gaining valuable insights into the education requirements needed for success. From veterinary care and animal behavior to wildlife conservation and advocacy, we cover a spectrum of furry futures. Our curriculum also sheds light on salary expectations, helping youth make informed decisions about their career paths. Join us in this educational journey to uncover the purr-fessional paw-sibilities that await in the world of critter careers!

Supports Colorado Academic Standards:
  • Colorado Essential Skill Professional Skills: Career Awareness
  • SS.HS.5.1: Apply reliable information to make systematic personal financial decisions based on individual and community values and goals.

6th -12th grades

Explore the heart of animal shelters and the meaningful role the Humane Society plays in our community. This engaging lesson dives into topics like overpopulation, the crucial need for spaying and neutering, and the history of human-animal relations. We look at how national animal welfare and animal rights organizations work to end suffering for all animals. Join us as we nurture empathy and inspire the next generation to connect with, understand, and advocate for all living beings.

Supports Colorado Academic Standards:
  • Colorado Essential Skills: Civic/interpersonal skills
  • SC.MS.2.5: Organisms and populations of organisms are dependent on their environmental interactions both with other living things and with nonliving
  • SC.MS.2.2: Organisms reproduce, either sexually or asexually, and transfer their genetic information to their offspring
  • SC.MS.3.10: Human activities have altered the biosphere, sometimes damaging it, although changes to environments can have different impacts for different living things
  • SC.HS.2.12: The environment influences survival and reproduction of organisms over multiple generations
  • SC.HS.2.13: Humans have complex interactions with ecosystems and have the ability to influence biodiversity on the planet.
  • SS.6.2.2: Evaluate how regional differences and perspectives in the Western Hemisphere impact human and environmental interactions.
  • SS.HS.4.3: Analyze the impact of civic participation on political institutions and public policy.

We can customize our presentations to range from 30 mins to 2 hours.