Reading to Pets

Our Reading Fur Fun program allows kids who love animals to read to pets!

We are offering a unique and enjoyable experience for children, ages 5–12 to read to dogs, cats, or small mammals.

This program aims to provide companionship to shelter animals while promoting literacy and a love for animals among the community.

Date and Time:

  • Dates: June 30th | July 14th | August 11th
  • Time: 1-3 pm

Location: Longmont Humane Society

Cost: $10 for 15 minutes of reading time with a shelter animal chosen by our staff.

Book Options: Participants can choose from a selection of animal-themed books available at the shelter, or they are welcome to bring their own books to read.


  • Open to all age groups.
  • Dogs, cats, and small mammals depending on availability for reading companionship.
  • Puppies or kittens are subject to availability.

Special Offers:

  • 15% off coupon to Boz’s Place (in-shelter store) for every participant.