Pet Cremation

Euthanasia and Cremation Services for Current Clients

We understand that saying goodbye to your pet is never easy, but know that compassionate and caring support awaits you through this difficult process. Our Well Pet Clinic offers humane euthanasia services to CURRENT CLIENTS by appointment only.  Please contact us at 303-651-0610 to schedule a time.

Fees for this service for dogs and cats range from $74 to $119.

Cremation following euthanasia is offered for CURRENT CLIENTS with an additional fee ranging from $80+ depending on the size of your pet.  If you have a rabbit, small rodent or bird in need of euthanasia, please call the shelter during normal business hours at 303-772-1232 ext. 0 and ask to speak to an Animal Welfare Supervisor to make arrangements. Fees for euthanasia of a rabbit, rodent or bird at the shelter is $30.  All our euthanasia services are for severe health related issues only and are by appointment only.

Should your pet die at home, we also provide cremation services for CURRENT CLIENTS. No appointment is needed to bring in your deceased pet. A general cremation (where you do not get the ashes back) is available for a fee of $80+ depending on the size of your pet (or $30 for a rabbit, rodent or bird).

Private cremations, where you will receive your pet’s ashes returned to you in an urn, are available. Fees begin at $245 and are based on the weight of your pet.

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