Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight: Haylee Bass

“I’ve been a volunteer at LHS for about five months now. I started volunteering because I love animals (especially dogs) and because I have wanted to volunteer since I was very young. Coming into the volunteer program, I knew right away that I was going to stay. I enjoy every shift so much that volunteering is now my favorite part of the week!! I have especially found that working on training with dogs is super interesting to me. I love seeing how different dogs learn and seeing their improvement over time! Every dog is an individual and opens up an opportunity to teach me so much!!

I’m still in high school and I’m not completely sure about any career path but I know I love animals and that choosing a career where I could work with animals would be very enriching to me. Having the experience and knowledge I am able to gain through volunteering at LHS would be very helpful in a career path with animals. I love helping out at LHS and have no plans to stop anytime soon! I can’t wait to discover what the future of my volunteering holds!!”