TaterTot – Who Rescued Who

It’s a classic Who Rescued Who story/lessons learned in adoption!

I had my share of struggles and anxiety about being single and maintaining both a mountain home and business during the pandemic. My animals kept me sane!

I had a rescue of several years from Longmont Humane Society who was a transfer from New Mexico: I renamed him Scooby-Do (from Hamier): he was such a gift! His personality was reserved, dignified, attentive, forgiving, and caring. He was a companion to Georgy Girl, who passed away about 2 years later. I was so tied to her I could not replace her right away and so Scooby and our cat, Sebastian, had become buds. They were very sweet buddies.

Then Sebastian (from the Boulder shelter) went missing just after Christmas. I was beside myself. It was winter! Living close to Highway 36, sometimes people pick up animals and take them to different shelters. I spent 10 days (every day) going to 4 different shelters: stressful, hard to concentrate, do anything.

I went to the Longmont Humane Society the most. I started to sneak looks at the dogs available for adoption, as I got to realize it may be time for Scooby-Doo to have a true canine companion instead of a cat. :’) I always had 2 dogs, I find it easier to care for two dogs rather than one.

There was a dog named TaterTot that was part Pitbull mix with an unknown breed I later believed is an American Bulldog. Anyway: it seemed he had a HUGE head in proportion to his smaller body. He was there for all 10 days. There was a sign that because of his breed, he was forbidden in many towns. Luckily, mine wasn’t one of them. Plus we have some extra fenced land. Only two families took him on walks that I saw but refused him.

All his doggie roommates were getting adopted quickly, who were smaller. He seemed to be getting a bit down. I finally ended up adopting him because I felt sorry for him, although I thought he was funny-looking, maybe even “ugly” (at first).

Fast forward to reality/today. I take pictures of him daily and think he’s adorable: and so does everyone else. He’s charming, a comedian, lively and actively solicits people to pet and admire him over dogs when we go to dog parks. He howls with delight when it’s time for dinner! He taps his feet, walks backwards and some other weird things I don’t quite understand about his food and food bowl: but it’s all Ok and kind of cute.

He and Scoobs get along great and Scooby is happy to play with a dog instead of a cat. Our cat did turn up after 4 months in winter. I had resolved that he had succumbed to the wildlife or elements. I was shocked he turned up, and while he was with us only 5 days, he was clearly thrilled to be home, but unfortunately, had acquired some nonsustainable diseases and I had to be put down. It broke my heart, but I was glad to have closure. I am beyond grateful for my two adorable, loyal boys who make our home complete.

I kept TaterTot’s name: he knew it! He makes me laugh daily. Such a JOY! Scooby-Doo is beyond special and so pleased to have a little brother to look after and play with.

Do you have a story, memory or tribute to share?