Party Tricks for Dogs

Party Tricks for Dogs



Do you want to teach your dog fun tricks to show off to friends and family? Have you ever been curious about Mark & Reward Training (also known as Clicker Training)? In this class you will learn how to teach your dog, via marking and rewarding, several fun tricks such as bow, stand, sit pretty, shake, spin, roll over, etc. (Come with ideas for additional fun tricks that you’d like the class to include!)This is not a Basic Obedience class so we will not cover sit, down or any leash work, just lots fun tricks!

Remember to bring training treats (yummy, high value treats work best) and a clicker (OPTIONAL).

For questions, please contact Erin Myers at 303-772-1232 ext. 270 or


LHS Dog Training Center
9595 Nelson Road
Longmont  Colorado  80501

United States


Rabies Certificate, 5 dog minimum

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5 weeks