Beneficiary Designation Gifts

Designating beneficiaries for your retirement, investment, or bank accounts, as well as life insurance policies, offers a straightforward and cost-effective way to provide for your loved ones or support the causes you hold dear. By making a beneficiary designation, you retain full control and use of your assets during your lifetime while ensuring a smooth and efficient transfer upon your passing.

This approach eliminates the need for complex legal procedures, saving you time and money. Contact the individual who assists you with your account or policy to obtain and complete a beneficiary designation form. Upon your passing, the designated assets will be directly transferred to your chosen beneficiaries.

Charitable beneficiary designations are especially flexible. You can continue to use and withdraw from your accounts even after naming a charity as a beneficiary. You can also easily update your beneficiary choices at any time. With its simplicity and flexibility, a beneficiary designation is a powerful tool to make a lasting impact.

Benefits of Naming Longmont Humane Society as a Beneficiary:

  • Support a Cause You Love: Ensure your legacy includes the ongoing care and protection of animals in our community.
  • Maintain Control: Continue to use and access your funds as needed throughout your lifetime.
  • Simplicity and Savings: Avoid complex legal processes and costly fees associated with updating your will or trust.
  • Tax Benefits: Potentially reduce the tax burden on your loved ones and your estate.
  • Flexibility: Easily adjust or change your beneficiary designations at any time to reflect your changing circumstances.

How It Works:

To designate the Longmont Humane Society as a beneficiary:

  • Contact your financial advisor, broker, banker, or insurance agent.
  • Request a new beneficiary designation form.
  • Complete the form, designating the Longmont Humane Society as a full or partial beneficiary.
  • Return the signed form to your financial professional.

Upon your passing, the designated assets will be transferred directly to the Longmont Humane Society, bypassing probate and ensuring a smooth transition.

Your Future Needs:

Concerned about future financial needs? Beneficiary designations are flexible! You can change or revoke your decision at any time, ensuring you have access to your funds when needed.

Contact Us:

Have questions? Contact our Development Team at or call a team member at 303.772.1232 x288.

Additional Considerations:

  • Flexibility: Choose the Longmont Humane Society as a full, partial, primary, or contingent beneficiary.
  • Family First: Designations can include your spouse, children, and the Longmont Humane Society.
  • Various Terms: “Beneficiary designation,” “payable on death (POD),” and “transfer on death (TOD)” all refer to similar concepts.
  • Real Estate: In some states, you can even designate beneficiaries for real estate.

Leave a legacy of compassion for animals in need while ensuring your loved ones are taken care of. A beneficiary designation is a simple yet powerful way to achieve both.

Life Income Gifts

Give a gift and receive a steady income during your lifetime. These can be made through charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, and charitable gift annuities. When appreciated assets or property are placed in these arrangements, the assets are reinvested and diversified and may produce a greater yield for you or your beneficiaries.

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Gifts of Stock

Making a gift of stock owned for more than one year can be particularly tax-wise. If you sell them, you will pay a capital gains tax on the increase in value.

However, by gifting the stock to Longmont Humane Society, you not only avoid tax on this gain, but your charitable contribution deduction is equal to the full fair market value of the stock as well.  A win for both the animals and your pocketbook!

Securities Held By Your Broker

Inform your broker that you would like to donate securities to the Longmont Humane Society. Your broker/banker can electronically transfer your donated stock to the Longmont Humane Society’s account at Schwab– DTC Number 0164 / Account Number 5070-1214*.

* Publication of this account number does not constitute an endorsement of Schwab or of its products and services.

Information provided on our site is not intended to be tax or legal advice. Consult a qualified financial advisor before making a gift.