Adoption Update: Ronald & Bambi

“We’re happy to report that our new furry family member is settling in quite well. Ronald, now Fawn, has been adjusting to their new environment and routine smoothly. Fawn is happily playing, sleeping, and walking with his sister Bambi, getting plenty of attention, affection, cuddles, zoomies, and more!

As for a little update about Bambi, she has adjusted quite well to her new home! She is given plenty of attention, playtime, park time, walks, cuddles, pets, and more! She is coming out of her shell with each passing day, learning to not fear people or other dogs as much and even learning to socialize and play with them. She loves a good doggie treat after the park, especially doggo-safe ice cream on a hot day!

Your continued interest and support mean a lot to us as we embark on this journey with our new companions.”

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