Adoption Update: Gallina

Gallina, now Piglet, is doing great! She’s not only been a great companion to our furless family but most importantly to her brother Winnie the Pooch! She’s got so much energy and spunk that I don’t think any of us realize we needed so badly.

She jumps like she trying to reach the moon. 🤣 She is the sweetest girl and doesn’t hesitate to give kisses, which the whole family is tickled pink about because Winnie has always been choosy with kisses and they are a rarity for him. She’s rather in tune with my girls and has brought an unexplainable amount of happiness to us all.

She’s brought out a more playful side of Winnie which was our biggest hope when choosing to bring her into our family. She’s been a rather joyful addition and we are excited about all the laughter and excitement she will continue to bring us all. 

We are very grateful to you all for everything you’ve done for all of us. We wouldn’t have our missing piece if it weren’t for you all.

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