Adoption Update: Boss

Introduction: Boss was a sweet longer stay dog (177 days at LHS) who finally found this incredible home in February. He had a lot going on medically, and honestly, most days that I saw him at LHS he broke my heart because he just didn’t look all that great. He had a previous leg amputation, needed a tail amputation during his time at LHS, and struggled with ongoing very painful-looking skin issues. I am very happy to share that those struggles & suffering are a thing of his past, and he’s now living his best life.

His adopters reached out with an initial update shortly after they took him home:

They followed up again recently with another update:

We wanted to send you all another update on our precious Boss Baby ❤️ His happiness cannot even be put into words. He’s such a good, happy, loving dog. He has come out of his shell in the last 6 weeks to the point he’s almost a different dog! His tail hair has grown completely back and so has his leg hair. He is a creature of comfort and refuses to lay in any of the dog beds and solely takes up the entire couch. Snuggling is basically his passion at this point, as well as giving our other dog kisses endlessly.

He loves his dog sister and gives her face kisses any time she’ll let him. We call him our little feeder fish because he licks her mouth and teeth all the time to tell her he loves her (and get leftover food lol). He’s such an amazing dog and it’s like we’ve had him for years at this point. We love him so so so much and just wanted to let you all know that he is doing amazing and thriving in a loving home! Thank you for everything you do! I wish we could bring all of them home. But seriously, thank you for keeping him in your care until he found us, his forever family. Boss will never ever see a shelter again. He’ll never be sad or cold or lonely again either. We love him so much and he’s getting the best care and love in the world! We left town for a few days and our dog sitter said he’s the best dog she’s ever met. He’s genuinely an absolute treasure. Thank you for bringing him into our life! Sincerely, Kenny and Andrea”

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