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Our Environmental Footprint

Longmont Humane Society is not only passionate about animals, but the environment as well. Our goal is to reduce the shelter's footprint on our environment by reducing the amount of resources we use and trying to be as efficient as possible. At LHS we are striving to better our community by not only providing shelter to homeless animals, but ensuring that their shelter is environmentally friendly.

Current Green Practices


  • Efficient T-8 flourescent bulbs are installed throughout the building.
  • Exterior lighting is equipped with energy efficient flourescent lights or metal halide lamps.
  • Lights are switched to allow for half of the lighting to be turned off as needed and are operated through an extensive switching system that turns lighting on and off at specified times.
  • Exterior lighting comes on 30 minutes before sunset and goes off at 30 minutes after sunrise. The timing is programmed in the latitude and longitude of the shelter, and the system adjusts to the exact time of sunrise and sunset every day.
  • Both the interior and exterior glazing is insulated with low-emissivity coating to control heat transfer.


  • Low-flow toilets, lavatories and shower heads.
  • All water piping is insulated to conserve energy.
  • The hot water is set up on a circulating system which pumps hot water through the entire system continuously, eliminating the need to run gallons of cold water until the hot water arrives in remote locations.


  • Energy recovery systems are installed on all of the kennel and public area HVAC systems.
  • Temperature changes for any system in the building can be immediately adjusted by a computer as needed.


  • Recycling bins are located throughout the shelter.
  • The litter used for the cats is made of pine rather than clay, which is biodegradable.
  • Cardboard generated by the facility is recycled by Eco-Cycle. Employment Link,a program that works with people with developmental disabilities, brings a van to LHS with volunteers to break down the boxes and take the cardboard to the Eco-Cycle yard for recycling. This gives the individuals with Employee Link an activity that gives them a great sense of accomplishment. To learn more visit the following link: http://www.emplink.org/
  • All framing and structural members were made of steel, a very recycleable material. There was virtually no wood used in the construction of the building.