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Now and Forever Campaign

Longmont Humane Society: Serving the Community… Now and Forever

*UPDATE as of 3/21/17: LHS has been successful in restructuring our bond into a business bank loan with Vectra Bank. Thank you for your support through our challenges!   Please read this letter from L. Smokowski  and contact her directly with any questions. 


In the early 2000s, the Longmont Humane Society “dome” facility became increasingly cramped and outdated and a Capital Campaign Team was created to raise funds for a new building.  In 2005, the team received a very generous donation from a single private donor of $5 million toward a goal of $3.5 million to fund the design and construction of a new building. 

Subsequently, the capital goal was increased to $8.6 million as this increased donation goal would allow Longmont Humane Society to build for the future, rather than just building for today.  In other words, building a structure that would serve the needs of the Humane Society for years to come seemed to be within reach once a large donation was pledged, whereas, the initial capital campaign goal merely addressed the current homeless animal population.  In 2006,  a choice was made to finance the increased construction costs through a $6 million bond offering. 

For seven years, Longmont Humane Society made annual payments on the bond with the funds from the large gift as well as other donations.  We moved into Phase 2 of the campaign to raise the remaining $2.2 million dollars and have restructured our bond into a business loan with a new bank. The amount of money we owe has not changed, just the format in which we have to pay it. Therefore, we are still reaching out to our donors and supporters to ensure that the Humane Society serves the Longmont community Now and Forever.

Thank you for investing in our future.

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