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Look for Lost Animals

Some of the animals listed below are housed at the Longmont Humane Society and others are found by and in the care of a private party. Please call us if you believe you see your animal listed here. We invite you to come visit us and we will walk you through our Lost & Found area. Please know that we will ask for your government-issued photo ID, proof of your pet's current rabies vaccination, and proof of ownership, which may be veterinary records, boarding records, grooming records, a city license, or even a photograph of you and your pet. Please make sure you also bring along a leash & collar or transport carrier so your pet may be escorted out safely. If you do not believe your pet is listed here, please come see us anyway as we may have him/her described differently. Go here to complete a lost report**.  If listed as "found report", please call the Client Care Team at the shelter at 303/772-1232 ext. 0 so we can connect you with the finder of this animal.