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Foster Friends

Foster Friends
Animals in Foster Homes Available for Adoption

On occasion, an animal looking for a second chance at a forever home will find the traditional shelter environment to be more challenging than the average adoptable animal. Whenever possible, LHS will seek out foster homes for these animals that will be able to offer more relaxed and calm surroundings while we continue to look for their perfect match.

While you won’t see these adoptable animals when you visit our facility, we encourage you to consider scheduling a visit with one of our Foster Friends before your next visit.  

To arrange for a visit with any of our Foster Friends, please email foster@longmonthumane.org or call 303.772.1232 ext. 234.


My name is Kaipo and you can stop looking for any other dog! If you think you need the best and cutest dog ever, then pick me! I am a special needs dog in that I have an abnormal liver which, they say, will likely affect my lifespan but, at the moment, I am one happy, friendly, and energetic boy! I am looking for a special person to take me hiking, playing and snuggling and care for me.

Watch a  video of Kaipo in action here!


Meet Liza! This lovely little lady is as sweet as they come! She's a smart cookie who loves to learn and can't wait to meet her new forever family. Liza is hoping to find a family with high school aged children who will love playing with her as much she loves to play with them. Take Liza on a visit today and see how fast you fall in love.

Liza's Foster Mom says:
Liza is the complete package and has brought so much joy into my home. She is sweet, well mannered, smart and adorable!

I grew up with herding dogs who always did what they were told so when I decided to foster a dog, I wasn't sure what to expect. Liza exceeded my expectations. She knows all sorts of commands, listens promptly and is very tidy around the house. She is house trained and can hold it while I am at work.

She likes to go on walks and gets excited to go for a car ride. She gets anxious around other dogs but I have been associating dogs with praise and it seems to be helping her. She also loves her toys and doesn't destroy her soft toys.

Since I live alone, she makes me feel very safe. She barks a few times to let me know if someone comes to the door. She loves people and has enjoyed meeting my family. She always greets me with a toy when I come home from work and once we settle in for the evening, she is quiet and likes to watch what I am doing or sleep.

 She would be great as a first dog or for someone who wants a dog who is already trained. She has won over everyone who meets her and she deserves so much love. 

Watch video #1 and video #2 of Liza in action here!