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Foster Care Program

About Foster Care at Longmont Humane Society
Many volunteers find fostering to be the most satisfying, direct way to help animals. Fostering provides an avenue to increase one's knowledge of animal health and behavior issues. In addition, there is the heartfelt gratitude of the shelter staff, and the animals!

Animals sent to foster homes come from special circumstances. They may need medical care, additional socialization and handling, or just a place to grow up healthy and strong. These especially vulnerable pets need a safe home environment until they’re ready for adoption. Our foster care volunteers are responsible for saving the lives of hundreds of shelter animals each year by caring for them temporarily in their homes.

Our most common foster animals are kittens with nursing queens, or weaned kittens that need a few weeks to grow strong before placement. We may also have homeless adult cats and dogs suffering from treatable illnesses such as Upper Respiratory Infection or Kennel Cough, or animals recovering from surgery. There can be a great deal of variety in the types of fostering a volunteer can assist with. Please see a list of Common Foster Scenarios here. As a foster volunteer, you select the type of foster care you can provide. If you foster only one animal per year, that’s one more life saved! 

*Please note that we are unable to provide temporary foster care for owned animals, and we cannot guarantee a foster placement for animals surrendered to the shelter. 

Become a Foster Care Volunteer
No experience is necessary to become a Foster Volunteer! We recommend that anyone interested in becoming a foster volunteer for the Longmont Humane Society attend a volunteer orientation session, though it is not required. At the volunteer orientation, you will have the opportunity to apply as a foster care volunteer. LHS' adult volunteer orientation schedule can be found here.

Join us for our next Foster Volunteer Orientation on Wednesday, February 12. No RSVP necessary. More info here!

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent please read these common questions about fostering, complete the Foster Care Application and then bring it to the shelter or email it to our Foster Department.

Questions about foster care? Please email foster@longmonthumane.org or call 303.772.1232 ext. 234

Meet Our Foster Friends; Adoptable Animals Living in Foster Homes!

Current Foster Care Volunteer Resources