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Flood Evacuation Information

Longmont Humane Society is grateful that we were able to provide a vital resource of temporary shelter for those animals whose families were impacted by the floods.  We have kenneled over 230 animals - many for several weeks while their owners worked to determine their personal housing needs. We have been fortunate to provide this resource and care, in addition to vaccinations, at no charge. The next step is to arrange a better long-term living situation for the animals.

In order to facilitate the move of these animals out of a shelter environment into a more traditional home environment, we are recruiting foster caregivers who would be interested in providing temporary housing.* If you are interested in fostering a flood evacuee animal; please complete this form and email it to assist@longmonthumane.org(Please include your last name in the subject line of your email.)

Thank you to the flood evacuees for trusting LHS with their furry/feathered family members. We are asking all flood evacuees to contact us immediately at 303-772-1232 ext 221 regarding the status of their pets. These longer-term living situations need to be arranged by October 31, 2013.

A sample contract for Foster Caregivers and Evaucees to use during this sensitive time is available for your use.

* The Foster Caregiver and Pet Owner agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless Longmont Humane Society in any way associated with this September 2013 Flood foster coordination effort, along with their officers, directors, agents, employees and volunteers, from any liability arising from or associated with this Foster Care.