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If you are calling Longmont Humane Society and you get the automated system, if you know your parties extension, enter it at anytime to be forwarded to that department. You may then leave a message if no one is there to answer your call.

Adoption Desk   303.772.1232 x0
Intake (Lost & Found) Desk   303-772-1232 x246
Boz's Place (Retail Store)   303.772.1232 x290
Chief Executive Officer Liz Smokowski 303-772-1232 x225
Director of Shelter & Clinic Operations Rhea Moriarity 303.772.1232 x226
Director of Human Resources Renatta Villa 303.772.1232 x262
Director of Facilities and Safety Russell Hinkle 303.772.1232 x240
Director of Marketing & Communications Carrie Brackenridge 303.772.1232 x227
Director of Finance Jennifer Dombek 303.772.1232 x238 
Director of Development Kathy Gaines 303.772.1232 x288
Development Administrator Kaitlin Zimmer 303.772.1232 x286
Events & Outreach 303.772.1232 x288
Public Training Coordinator Erin Myers 303.772.1232 x270
Foster Care Shelby Bundy 303.774.6517 x234
Volunteer Programs

Debie Crawford

303.772.1232 x278
Well Pet Clinic   303.651.0610
Dapper Dog Grooming Services Katie Mudd 303.547.7791
City of Longmont Animal Control   303.651.8500
Boulder County Animal Control   303.441.4444